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Gain Dragon Technology Ltd. sell all Zoller + Fröhlich (Z+F) laser scanning hardware and software in China, providing professional services (including training, local technical support) and technical solutions for various applications. Integration of state-of-the-art technology with own special skill, based upon 3D laser scanning, combined with CAD, GIS, photogrammetry and Virtual Reality techniques providing customer-oriented solutions for different applications.

The experts in our company are considered to be one of the 3D laser scanning technology application pioneers in the world,  that have more than 17 years of successful experience in using Z+F IMAGER® series and Z+F PROFILER® series  in Sweden, Norway, UK, and China, for various applications. Having been in charge of more than 80 laser scanning projects for different applications, consisting of:

1) Laser scanning applications for infrastructure

Laser scanning techniques have been widely used in tunnels and underground facilities, roads, railway, bridges and mining for different purposes, including the control of tunnel geometry, deformation and to check shotcrete thickness;  digital tunnel geological mapping, 3D virtual design, 3D documentation and visualization.

2) Laser scanning applications for  industry

Applying scanning techniques for 3D design and re-building 3D models at a nuclear plant in Sweden, an offshore platform in Norway and also in nuclear decommissioning projects in the UK and Sweden.

3) Laser scanning applications for architecture and cultural heritage

Using laser scanning for 3D documentation, visualization, BIM and CAD drawing of buildings, offices, museums and castles etc.

4) Research and development of laser scanning techniques for Rock Mechanics and Engineering

Have being in charge of the ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics)-Swedish national task in order to develop methods for applying laser scanning to rock engineering applications.

3D laser scanning make it easy and simple to capture the as-built real world in 3D digital formats, but requires special background knowledge to achieve good results. We can fill your need for an advanced technical solution based on both knowledge and experiences, especially with our strong international contacts and a professional network in many different fields.

We will share our knowledge and experience with you; to provide the best solutions to complex problems in order to promote Zoller + Fröhlich (Z+F) laser scanning techniques in China market.


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Gallery of Application Examples

Z+F IMAGER® 5010X for cultural heritage preservation

Z+F IMAGER® for 3D documentation of Chinese Temple

Z+F IMAGER® used to check shotcrete thickness in tunnel

Z+F PROFILER® 5002 used for clearance analysis in railway tunnel

Z+F IMAGER® for 3D documentation of bridge

Z+F IMAGER® 5003 used for deposition hole under tunnel

Z+F IMAGER® 5003 used for offshore platform in Norway

Z+F IMAGER® 5003 scanning nuclear power plant, 2003

3D CAD model generated from scanned data

Z+F IMAGER® 5003 scanning Drottningholms slott, Sweden 2002

Color orthophoto of cultural heritage